Do you want to increase the exterior space of your home or improve an existing exterior space that you already have? Installing pavers is a great way to enhance the exterior of your home to the benefit of your friends, family and guests.  A quality paver design can increase the value of your home in Tampa, Florida. A paved walkway will add a unique look to your home, while a driveway can be both functional and attractive. A patio in the backyard will give you many more options for outdoor entertaining. There are lots of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to pavers. You’ll surely be able to find a paver that will enhance the look of your property.

Options of Paver Design

A paved driveway is a great, more practical alternative to a poured one. Still, the question of whether or not the color and style are suitable will still come up. Pavers fall into three major categories – brick, concrete and natural stone. In those three types of pavers are a variety of color, shape and style options for you to take advantage of. Since there are just so many options to consider it’s important that you have a general idea of what you’re looking for when you begin your search for the perfect paver. Cost is always a good reigning aspect – you’ll want to stay within pavers that make sense for your budget while possessing the aesthetic qualities you desire. Be sure to calculate and consider paver and labor costs before breaking ground on a project. 

The Type of Paver

The most important part of the paver picking process is finding out which paver you want. Natural stone pavers give an attractive look but they can be quite expensive. They can break though so they’re definitely not suitable for use in a driveway or other high-traffic areas. Natural stone pavers aren’t ideal for pool decks either as they can be rather slippery when wet. Brick pavers are durable and stain-resistant. Bricks can be made of different materials such as clay and dyed concrete. However, brick is brick. If you’re not really feeling that classic reddish color brick is not for you. Concrete pavers are the most affordable out of the three mentioned here. Concrete is reliable and durable. There are different colors and interlocking patterns you can achieve with concrete, and you can also seal the pavers for better color retention. However, concrete doesn’t have the upscale wow-factor that other, more high end stones can give.

Different Options for Paver Color

It’s best to pick paver colors that will blend well with the exterior look you’re looking to achieve. You want your pavers to accentuate the beauty of all of the other pieces you’re working with, not distract from them. Different colors have different effects on the energies of the people viewing them. Red is an energetic color, while blue has a calming effect. Natural grey tones are also calming. If you’re looking for a rustic look a natural stone could lend well to this type of aesthetic. Remember this as a rule of thumb – lighter colors tend to make a space seem larger than it actually is.

Paver Size

Paver size should be primarily determined based on the size of the space you’re working with. The size of the paver should perfectly complement the size of the space you’re hardscaping in Tampa. Large pavers are great for a patio or backyard space. However, large pavers can make a walkway or front porch feel smaller than it actually is.  Smaller pavers can make a space like a driveway look larger while giving you more design flexibility in the sense of patterns. The paver you choose should also be able to withstand the traffic expected of the space. Smaller pavers are better for driveways because the pressure of the vehicle is shred evenly between more pavers, reducing the chance of cracks.

Paver Patterns

Before you lay your pavers down you should know what pattern you’re going to use. There are so many patterns to choose from, so don’t limit yourself just to what you’ve seen. Hop online and check out some inspirational paver patterns for your next project. A simple design gives off more of a modern feel while a more varied design gives a more rustic feeling.

There are lots of things to consider before choosing a paver for your project. If you have patience and take the time to make the right decision, you’ll have a good chance of winding up with an outdoor space you’re happy with.

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