When grilling season comes around, the best way to fully enjoy the warm weather is by having a nice outdoor cookout. Can you imagine it? A beautiful space crafted just for creating delicious meals, full of the life and laughter of your friends, guests, and family. Truly, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the summer. If you really want to make the most of these good times, your outdoor kitchen needs to be equipped with all of the tools necessary. But then the question is posed: “What do I really need to make my outdoor kitchen pop?”

The trend of an outdoor kitchen continues to get more and more popular. People like the idea of having all of the conveniences of an indoor kitchen readily available on the outside. It’s nice, having the ability to fully envision, prep and cook meals outside of your home. A lot of times food and drinks need to be shuffled in and out of the house in order to keep party guests appeased. With an outdoor kitchen, everything you need to properly entertain n your guests’ tummies will be right within reach. 

There are so many different products geared toward outdoor kitchens on the market. It can be a hassle sifting through the clutter in order to find an appliance you actually want to use. Some of your favorite brands that make appliances inside the house have now extended their repertoire toward outdoor kitchen enhancements. For an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want appliances that are durable and have good performance. There’s no reason why a well-equipped outdoor kitchen shouldn’t function just as well as an indoor one. Your only limit is your imagination!

Rotisserie Grills

Rotisserie grills are not an uncommon appliance to see adorning an outdoor kitchen these days. With a Brazilian-style rotisserie grill you can recreate the amazing experience of a Brazilian steakhouse right outback. This kind of grill gives you more options than just a regular grill. There’s no need to step away from the cook top and entertain guests – the entertainment is right there in front of you! With a Brazilian style rotisserie grill, it’s been said that the grill reduces some of the carcinogens associated with charcoal cooking, potentially making it a healthier option.

Pizza Ovens

Bring on the pizza party! Once you give home-baked pizza a try you’ll wonder why you didn’t make it from scratch sooner! Pizza is the party maker food. Once people get wind that you have a pizza oven outback, your yard will never be without guests! Not to mention your kids will be the most popular pals in the neighborhood. Jokes aside, a pizza oven is a worthwhile addition to an outdoor kitchen. You can get a pizza oven alone or have it built into an experience-enhancing stone chimney. These pizza ovens can get ridiculously hot really fast, making pizza preparation a breeze!

Infrared Grilling

Infrared grilling is essentially grilling without the uneven cooking. Infrared grilling can be considered similar to a broiler in the way that it applies intense heat evenly to the surface of the foods you’re preparing. The results you get from this type of grilling will be significant from the start. Food will be evenly browned without getting dry or being cooked unevenly. The food you make will be cooked fast, meaning more nutrients will be retained after the cooking process. These grills are great for vegetables, seafood and any other food that can benefit from intense heat.

Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are great because they can keep food warm while it’s waiting to be served. This gives you even more versatility when cooking, as you can plan ahead to have your warming drawer available for use. The addition of a warming drawer makes an outdoor kitchen even more viable as a stand-alone structure. Warming drawers can be used alternatively for slowly heating up food and even proofing bread.  If the food is good but guests are running late – no problem! Just pop everything into the warming drawer and the food will be just fine. Having this kind of versatility makes a warming drawer an even better addition to any outdoor kitchen.

There are just so many appliances you can add to your outdoor kitchen in Tampa, Florida to make it pop. In some ways, an outdoor kitchen has even more possibilities than an indoor kitchen. Appliances like smokers and pizza ovens make more sense outside than they do in an indoor kitchen.

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