Sealing pavers are one of the best things you can do for them, but why? A lot of times, people don’t want to spend that extra money for something and I totally get that. I mean, you think everything will be fine and that extra step is completely unnecessary, right? 

Well… not really!

You see, sealing your pavers is going to save you a lot of money in the long run. Having pavers that are just open and exposed to the elements of the world is not a good idea. However, if you put a high quality seal on those pavers, you’re doing yourself a favor. So, some reasons why you should seal your pavers.

Reason 1: Sealing your pavers adds value.

Anytime you do something beneficial for your home, you are adding value to it. Now, I don’t mean drawing a mural on the wall because somebody may not like that. Something like adding pavers for an outdoor kitchen, changing out the old appliances for new ones, or even sealing your pavers. 

Sealed pavers are going to add value to your home even though it costs you money. When you put your house up on the market, having sealed pavers will put you at an advantage.

Reason 2: Sealed pavers save you money.

Pavers, when left to their own devices, can get really messed up and in need of repair. I mean, all pavers are going to need repair eventually, but when you seal them, they need repair less often that is because the seal… well, seals them. 

With a seal on your pavers, you are protecting them from stains, weather, animals, and anything else that can damage them. A seal means that you won’t have to repair or refinish them as often as you would have to if they didn’t have a seal!

Reason 3: Sealed pavers give your home a nice look.

I mean, this is my opinion, but I really do think that the glossy look from a sealant is great! Not only does it add a pretty seal, but it also really enhances the look of you pavers. Go ahead and look up before and after pictures of pavers that have been sealed – you might really want to get your pavers sealed after seeing them.

Reason 4: Sealing your pavers helps to prevent weeds.

When you seal your pavers, you are preventing weeds from being able to pop up in between them. Weeds are one of the main causes of broken pavers and if you seal them then you are effectively protecting your pavers from breaking.

Also, weeds popping up between pavers are not exactly the best look in the world. If you want to win best yard in Tampa, broken pavers with weeds popping up in between them won’t win you any prizes. 

Sealing your pavers is a great way to give your home a great look and also protect your pavers in Tampa!

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